*Standard Door Fees Apply unless otherwise indicated.

Event Details:

Zodiac Night- Pisces- Our Birthday Gift to you! For those members with birthdays which range between February 19 and March 20, you and your partner will receive half off the door fee.

Ground Hog Day- But more importantly, it’s Superbowl Weekend! Come show your Team Spirit by wearing only the Jersey of your favorite Team! Don’t have one? Show your colors with Face Paint, or maybe even spruce up an old Shirt with some paint! Colored plastic bags also make great pom poms and are a great way to re-use! However you choose to show your team spirit, tonight is a great time to declare who you’ll be rooting for! Light Snacks provided.

Newbie Valentine’s Night- You never know where Cupid’s mischievous arrow will strike! If you’re curious about the lifestyle, or have heard “4 Play” mentioned in whispers, now is your chance to come see what it’s all about! 4 Play provides a safe, sex positive environment which is comfortable, open, and welcoming.

Singles Games Night- Breaking the ice can be hard. Why admire from afar when there is nothing like the rivalry of a good game to connect with fun new people! All are welcome (including Single Men- what a rare treat!) to join in on the laughter, friendly competition, and merriment that is sure to make a lasting impression! Remember- good sportsmanship is always an attractive trait!

Swingers Speed Dating Night- A room full of people looking to make that right connection. As with singles dating, the scene for finding another couple can be time consuming. This is a perfect chance for those with a busy schedule to make that first meet! It’s all the hard work done for you- you just have to get in the Game! Proudly in partnership with ANYTHING EROTIC!

Valentine’s Date Night- Come dressed to impress in RED. Celebrate your LOVE, and your PASSION, 4 Play Style! Dinner was probably fabulous, but what’s life without Dessert?

Gang Bang Sunday- A common gender shared fantasy, this monthly event is the perfect opportunity to play it out in a safe, sex positive, and controlled environment. No strings, no wooing, just straight up FUN! This event is open to MEMBERS ONLY! To become a member, see our Door Rate for more information. Best part, women are FREE! IMPORTANT: Consent Rules still apply. For best practices, please bring your own condoms, and alert “players” to any allergies to latex, or lubricants. YOU MUST BE ON THE GUEST LIST PRIOR TO THE DATE IN ORDER TO GET IN! This event sells out quickly, so call 4 Play for more details at 780-487-7529, or to put your name on the list.

Fetish Demo Night- A favorite event at 4 Play! This night is dedicated to a variety of Fetish Demonstrations. Have you ever been curious about a kink, or fetish, but are hesitant to try it? Come see it done first hand, with helpful hints, tips, and rules of thumb! Need a refresher on a toy? Bring it with you, and our team will be happy to help in their areas of expertise! We promise- it can be fun to learn! Private rooms and Dungeon will be open during this event, so feel free to try out a few of your newly learned skills in a safe, sex positive and comfortable environment!

Couples Amateur Night- Think you have what it takes to rock The Pole? This is your chance to prove it! Perform for your partner, perform with your partner, improv it, practice it- however you choose to show off your skills will put you in the running for a prize! The DJ will line up your special song, the Audience will be the judges, and may the best dancer win! Don’t think you have the skills? Join in anyway! 4 Play is a safe and welcoming environment. Have some fun with it. Deliberately do a silly dance that is designed to make people laugh! You never know! You could win!

We look forward to greeting everyone at these amazing events! Please feel free to call us at 780-487-7529 to put your name on the guest list.