Inside the Winnie the Pooh-themed cafe next to the real Hundred Acre Wood

Winnie the Pooh and friends is one of the most nostalgic and heartwarming series, which taught many of us our first lessons about fun and friendship.

And this year, the A.A. Milne character, alongside Tigger, Eeyor and Piglet, turns 95-years-old.

Lovers of the classic Disney series can enjoy toast in the shape of their favourite bear, as well as scones with lashings of honey in this quirky cafe.

Pooh Corner is a little tea room situated on the edge of Ashdown Forest – the real Hundred Acre Wood where Christopher Robin played.

The Hartfield cafe, in East Sussex, is the perfect pitstop for fans of the famous characters created by the author born in the little village.

Customers can sit in Piglet’s Tea Room before visiting the free museum jam-packed with memorabilia showcasing the life of A.A.Milne, illustrator E.H.Shepard, Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh.

The museum, which opened in 2019, displays artwork, books and toys spanning the 95 years of Winnie and friends, as well as some original Pooh bears and never-before-seen books.

TikTok user @binitashahpatel visited Pooh Corner, describing it as a “must visit for any Winnie the Pooh lover”.

She shared clips of her teddy bear toast with jam, and their popular cream teas, as well as a sneak peek inside the museum filled with glass cabinets of precious Pooh pictures and plushies.

One commenter said: “I love Pooh Corner. Shop is amazing and the cakes make the trip so much better.”

The original owner, Mike Ridley and his wife Jan created the gift and tea shop in 1978, eight years after Sackville Cottage was officially renamed Pooh Corner.

Mike had used his skills as a potter to manufacture Winnie-the-Pooh ceramics under licence from Disney which he went on to hold for a decade, regularly meeting with Christopher Milne, the author’s son.

Neil and Samantha Reed took over the building, originally known as Sackville Cottage, in 2019.

The couple recommend cafe customers visit Ashdown Forest for a game of Pooh Sticks on the bridge of the magical woodland that inspired Hundred Acre Wood nearly a century ago.