Re-watching Super Bowl loss, Patrick Mahomes puts some of the blame on himself

Patrick Mahomes was running for his life behind an injury-battered offensive line when the Chiefs lost Super Bowl LV, but he’s not going to put the blame on the five guys in front of him.

Mahomes says that he has watched and re-watched that Super Bowl and come to the conclusion that he was too quick to start scrambling and that on some of the Chiefs’ bad offensive plays, the offensive line actually did a good job of protecting him and he did a bad job of trusting them.

“Sometimes,” Mahomes told Kevin Clark of, “when I get hit early, I don’t trust staying in the pocket and going through my reads.”

Mahomes said that while he has had success throwing on the run throughout his career, he needs to remind himself that the first option is to stay in the pocket.

“I kind of get back to that backyard-style football a little bit too much. And you could definitely see that in the Super Bowl. I mean, there were times that pockets were clean and I was still scrambling,” Mahomes said.

It’s a credit to Mahomes as a leader that he’s not looking to throw his teammates under the bus, but it’s undeniable that the Chiefs’ offensive line struggled against the Buccaneers, and Kansas City’s top offseason priority was putting a better line in front of Mahomes. This season, Mahomes likely won’t be running for his life so much, both because the line in front of him is better, and because he’s learned some lessons from that Super Bowl loss.